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Are you aware of what’s “IN” on the sexual front today? Swinging it is! This phenomenon is evidenced by the sprouting of swing clubs and private parties all over, from London to Paris, New York and lots more places. And media outlets are covering them (read: sensationalism)!

Experts note that the practise is no longer limited to the ‘mid-lifers’ like it used to be in the past. Today, even the millennials are very much into swinging, experiencing what it’s like to swap partners. If you’re being invited to one such party, your alluring date from one of the Canberra Escorts is very much welcome!

Swinging’s Humble Beginnings

Circa 1950. Air Force officers in California were said to be exchanging wives. At that period, the swinging couples were in their 30s something and above, bored and were looking for ways to restore their sexual prowess. These days however, even the 20s are practising this exciting recreational and alternative sexual lifestyle. We’re talking of young cosmopolitan city dwellers looking to experience weekend thrill and wanting to get rid of stress from work, so they just want some way to blow off steam!

Interestingly, it’s the girls who call the shots at most swinging events, including being choosy at who their partners will be. That said, while single chicks are very much welcome, single blokes on the other hand will find it hard to join the party when they come solo. Meanwhile at the swing clubs, lovers interact with other couples, hook-up then proceed to a more exclusive venue to engage in matters of the flesh!

Sex and Relationship Experts Warn

Before you get overexcited, experts warn that the partner you decide to swing with should be one who has a significance to your life and not just anybody else. In no way should swinging be used to replace a failed sexual relationship, but rather, to be used to boost a sexual lifestyle shared together that’s already fantastic.

Should you decide to swing, communication with your mate is a matter of importance. Feel comfortable to discuss all issues about swinging, particularly jealousy. Assure her of your feelings to prevent insecurities. Be mutually sensitive to your needs and think of the other person first rather than of your own pleasure, and by then, you’ll both be cherishing a wonderful time swinging together.

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