Turn Solo Play into a Duet – Mutual Masturbation
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Turn Solo Play into a Duet – Mutual Masturbation

Masturbation is a normal – and natural – thing to do, though obviously a private one. While you were getting down and dirty with one of several Canberra escorts, you may have indulged a lot. But once you have a significant other and you’re getting it on, you masturbating less, right?

Kissing man and woman - lovers closeup portraits

Kissing man and woman – lovers closeup portraits

Apparently not, since a study has shown that even couples are still engaged in a little self-loving on the side – so why not make the act hotter by putting a little mutual spin on it? After all, what’s more arousing than watching someone you know get herself warmed up? Not much, really. Here’s how to bring mutual masturbation into your sex routine.


  1. Think romantic and erotic. There’s something voyeuristic about watching your partner touch her most private parts. But you can bring a touch of romance to it by, say, lighting some scented candles. Throwing in some dirty talk can’t hurt, and neither will telling her how hot and sexy you know it will be.


Don’t just burst in on her next solo loving session,or she’ll never forgive you for that.

  1. Take turns. You can each take turns watching the other masturbate, so that you can ease into the idea – and the whole thing, of course. Soon, your self-consciousness will slowly disappear and your only concern is how turned on you’re getting.


  1. Show some support. If she’s not yet comfortable with sitting or lying down face to face, she can lean against you and play with herself, while you run your hands over her body. If she’s okay with that last part, of course. Of course, if she imagines a guy caressing her all over while she’s fondling herself, that would make things better for her.


  1. Play a duet. As you get closer to the finish line, hold eye contact and try to match the other’s rhythm. Not sure where to start? Try to mimic the  other’s breathing, so you can synchronise and thus be more likely to reach your climaxes together.


Besides being incredibly hot – talk about a feast for the eyes – mutual masturbation can strengthen your ties to each other, since you’re sharing something incredibly intimate and private. Plus, unlike with porn, you can touch that gorgeous lady who’s getting you turned on with her lusty moans.

For another, you can learn from each other’s movements while engaged in solo loving. She learns how fast you’d like her to stroke you; you learn where exactly she wants you to touch or lick. That can only mean better foreplay, and better sex.

So by all means, find a way to bring mutual masturbation into the picture with you and your sexy partner. But until then, feel free to have some solo play, and engage one of the Canberra escorts you found online.


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