Top 4 Secrets to Fighting Fair in Love
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Top 4 Secrets to Fighting Fair in Love

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When you argue with someone, it’s natural to want to win, to prove that you’re in the right. Things are different if the person you’re arguing with is your partner. Arguments end up with a winner and a loser – but when it’s a love argument, you can both end up being the winners, or wind up being the losers. This holds true regardless of what caused the fight, whether it’s because she caught you browsing the web for Canberra escorts or something else.

If you keep fighting to win against your girl, she’ll ultimately start to resent you, and you can’t have that happening if you want the relationship to last. This means you need to fight fair if you want to resolve those fights in a way that you both come out the winners. Here’s an overview of how you can do just that.

1. Focus on the conflict. Don’t bring in things your partner does if they’re not related to the issue that led to your disagreement. If you’re upset with her always turning to you for shopping money, for example, then stick with that. Don’t suddenly equate or else relate it to her penchant for leaving you alone when you go to parties.

This also means not bringing up past issues, especially if they’re still touchy subjects that could make your partner miserable. That’s not the way to get her to see things from your point of view. Nor should you resort to low blows, such as mentioning how your partner is struggling with weight loss.

2. Keep your voice even. Raising your voice might work in a debate, but it never will in an argument with a partner. When one starts yelling, the other is sure to become infuriated at some point, so they start yelling, too. Doing your best to control yourself and speaking calmly will help your partner do the same. That way, you’ll be discussing instead of outright fighting.

3. Keep sarcasm out of the argument. Using sarcasm in a tiff can both hurt and piss your partner off enough that she could resort to low blows or bringing up past issues (see Point #1) to try and get even. When you bring sarcasm into the picture, your misunderstanding can become a full-blown shouting match.

4. Behave properly after a fight. If your partner is the first one to apologise, don’t gloat or say something along the lines of “I told you so.” This will only make her less eager to give in the next time you fight. Don’t forget to apologise, too, even if you feel like you did nothing wrong. Getting mad at your partner calls for an apology, at the very least.

Kiss and make up, even without a clear conclusion. Locking yourself in your room or storming out of the flat will just make things worse. Don’t even think about hiring one of the Canberra escorts you find now and then to get back at your partner.

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