Top 3 Ways to Build an Emotional Connection with Your Girl
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Top 3 Ways to Build an Emotional Connection with Your Girl

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Emotional connections are important, especially in a long-term relationship since it helps you and your partner bond and build intimacy. The rush of a new love is all well and good; the same goes for the headrush you get when you engage one of the gorgeous babes at Canberra Escorts. However, the relationship won’t last long unless you let it grow.

As you can guess, an emotional connection is one of the things that are important for your relationship’s growth. To put it one way, no matter how much you have in common with your partner, no matter how great she looks, an emotional connection is the glue that will hold you together. So here are a few ways to keep that fire going.

1. Spoil her. People like being liked, and fittingly enough, lavishing your girl with attention is a great way to let her know you think she’s one in a million while building the foundation of your emotional connection.

You don’t need to buy her something. Just asking how her day went, texting her regularly, and celebrating successes together will be enough. As relationship experts put it, when someone makes you feel special, that’s where the connection starts.

2. Remember to give and take. When you and your partner talk, do you do your share of listening, or are you the only one who talks? Maybe it’s the other way around. Make sure that when you do talk, both of you can share what’s on your minds.

You don’t have to give advice – even just letting your partner rant is enough. What matters is that you both get something off your chests, instead of piling another weight on an already-burdened partner.

3. Don’t turn to fighting dirty. Surprisingly, it’s common to push one’s partner away when fighting. The problem is, disconnecting emotionally is unhealthy and will have a negative impact on your relationship. Don’t call your partner names, and don’t bring up topics she finds sensitive – those definitely count as dirty tactics.

Instead, strive for open and honest communication, even when you disagree. When you don’t try and hurt your partner as ‘punishment’ for the argument, you make sure your emotional closeness stays intact.

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