The Importance of Client Reviews for Canberra Escorts
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The Importance of Client Reviews for Canberra Escorts

Canberra escorts are women who are more than willing to give pleasure to their clients. As you can see from each of these girls’ review page, clients are satisfied with the services these lovely ladies provide. Let us find out how important reviews are for escorts and for the entire escort industry.

Reviews are good for escorts

Escorts are doing everything they can to market themselves. They post new photos, update advertisements and accepting reviews from their clients. Reviews are the best way courtesans earn their prized client lists. Basically, more reviews, more new clients come in. And more clients means, more money for the escorts.

Posting good reviews on escorting forums are also good way to advertise. What usually happens is that independent escorts post these reviews and link them to their official website or an escorting ad where clients can get in touch with them. This is the reason why many escorts encourage their clients to send reviews about their service.

Reviews are good for escort clients as well

Through experience, it is better to find escorts on online forums or testimonial pages on escorting sites. Reviews from other clients will help you come up with the proper expectation on your appointment with a courtesan. It also gives you an idea what services she is good at, how she really looks like, and what attitude she has in bed with other clients.

But writing a review depends on how your escort likes it. There are some girls out there who would prefer to have a review about themselves from a past client without giving intimate details. Showing your appreciation to an escort by writing a review is a great gesture. Make her feel loved and send her your reviews.

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