The Escort Industry and Illegal Drugs
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The Escort Industry and Illegal Drugs

Do not miss this chance to spend the night withCanberra escorts. Being with these ladies is something that you will never regret. They are like angels from heaven that are willing to fulfill all your carnal wishes. Canberra escorts work professionally to better improve on their trade.

Despite society’s discrimination’s against them, they still practice their craft as if it is a normal business transaction, givingcompanionship to lonely men within their vicinity. But we cannot deny the fact that there are some common misconceptions about the escorting industry. One of these misconceptions is that escorts are into drugs.

Why are escorts always associated with drugs?

Technically, there are a lot of possibilities why escorts are predisposed to be hooked on drugs. It could be that their clients are into it and they want to “share in the fun”. Some people even think that drugs enhance your sexual experience with an escort and add to the “performance”. Others rely on drugs to help themselves “stand up”.

There are a lot of reasons why most escorts are always associated with illegal medications but one thing is true, escorts do not associate themselves with drugs. If their clients are, they make sure that they are sober before proceeding with the transaction.

For independent escorts, it is highly encourage that you sober up before you make an appointment. If you do not, you would likely be rejected or hung up. For possible clients out there that want to hook up with a high class escort, you need to keep in mind that smoking illegal drugs while proceeding with your transaction will not reflect a good image for you. It is likely that she could leave the premises and never accept appointments from you again.

These girls work professionally and would never do anything to jeopardize their jobs and career. So never ask your escort to take or smoke drugs with you.

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