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Canberra Escorts – Sex Positions That You Didn’t Think Were Risky But In Truth Are

Sex gives us pleasure and satisfaction, and that’s a fact. However, sex can be hazardous, and life-threatening too! According to health experts, sex-related injuries are quite common today, and many couples have already ended in the emergency room after doing something risky in the bedroom. And, if you think that these two very popular sex […]

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Canberra Escorts – “What’s Actually True” Facts About the Elusive G-Spot

In the fun and exciting (and sometimes weird) world of sex, the term “G-spot” has often been described (and even derided) as the “Bigfoot” of the vagina (Remember Bigfoot, that mysterious ape-like creature that was often spotted in the hills and mountains of the Pacific Northwest in the US years ago?). Here’s a look at […]

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