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Don’t Like The Taste Of Semen? Masque It

Do you love to lick and suck your lover’s cock? Of course, next to that is to swallow his jizz deep and hard because you don’t want to hurt his feelings, do you? In truth, not all babes are able to swallow semen after a mind-blowing blow-job because there are fluids that taste bitter, salty […]

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Canberra Escorts – Tips to Get Over Your Fear of Women

Whenever you try and interact with women, do you find that you have difficulty doing so? Maybe you felt really anxious, your palms were sweaty, and you just couldn’t make eye contact. Instead of just being nervous, you could actually have a fear of women, whether or not they look like the lovely courtesans at […]

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Canberra Escorts – 3 Signs Your Oral Sex Technique Needs Work

When it comes to oral sex, some people love receiving, while others are more comfortable giving; still others enjoy it either way. Most likely it’s part of your own routine, but how do you know whether or not your partner actually enjoys you going down on her? The ladies at Canberra Escorts share a few […]

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Canberra Escorts – Turn Her On, not Off

Knowing that you have what it takes to turn ladies on is a great ego booster, there’s no denying that. But what if you found out that they’ve just been faking it? The lovely courtesans at Canberra Escorts reveal that you can actually improve your sex game by learning what really turns a lady on. […]

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Canberra Escorts – The Top 5 Reasons Why Masturbation is Healthy

How’s your so-called “me-time?” Was it good? Do you like flying solo? Well, of course, these questions refer to the good old masturbation. First and foremost, there’s nothing wrong with it; sometimes you need to pleasure yourself. Masturbation can actually be a good thing, and it should be a regular occurrence just like taking a […]

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Canberra Escorts – Signs She’s Faking That Orgasm

That your partner fakes her orgasms is the last thing any bloke would want to learn, but sometimes there’s no helping it. It’s not that she isn’t enjoying it, say a few lovely vixens at Canberra Escorts. The good thing is, it isn’t your fault; she could be faking it because she feels insecure about […]

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Canberra Escorts – The Magnificent Perks Of Having Sex On Your Holiday

Are you planning that long-cherished vacation to the Bahamas, or would you rather go on an adrenaline-bursting African Safari? If you’re going on a vacation by your lonesome, or with your friends, this means that you’re going to visit truly interesting places and spend a lot of time meeting new people too (and perhaps have […]

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Strip Clubs – 3 Reasons Why They’re Today’s “New Normal”

While unemployment rates remain high, and the economy is still not picking up as expected, surprisingly, the underground economy remains vibrant. The demand for strip clubs and lap-dancers is still flourishing. Ask any twenty-something male today, and you’d be surprised to find out that going to a strip club is as normal as going to […]

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Canberra Escorts – 3 Easy Ways to Scorching Sex

Sex in the usual places, or in the same positions, is sure to get boring at some point, whether you’re with a lifelong partner, or with one of the babes pictured on the pages of Canberra Escorts. Still, with a few twists, you can turn a tried-and-tested pose from so-so to astounding. Here are a […]

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