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3 of the Best Workouts for a Guy’s and Girl’s Sex Life

It’s no secret that working out, and doing different types of exercises not only boosts your mood, and builds up your energy and immune system, but it also jump-starts your sex drive! So what could be better than a workout that takes your mind off the fact that you’re working hard to burn off those […]

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Top 4 Secrets to Fighting Fair in Love

When you argue with someone, it’s natural to want to win, to prove that you’re in the right. Things are different if the person you’re arguing with is your partner. Arguments end up with a winner and a loser – but when it’s a love argument, you can both end up being the winners, or […]

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Canberra Escorts – Here’s Why A Woman will Turn You Down

Rejection is something people are afraid of, for various reasons – especially when the dating game comes into play. Often, you’d find yourself being turned down by the lovely babe you’ve been eyeing, say several of the babes featured in the gallery at Canberra Escorts. That’s not a reason to simply give up, however, nor […]

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