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4 Simple Secrets to a Successful One-Night Stand

Standards when it comes to sex have changed over the years. Sexual experimentation used to be seen as taboo; having multiple partners before ultimately settling down was seen in a similar light. Now, neither of these is hush-hush, and women like Canberra escorts aren’t so shy about choosing that career path because they’re proud of […]

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Canberra Escorts – Acts Sure to Make Your Escort Hate You

There are different kinds of escorts, just as there are different clients of these escorts. Whether that gorgeous babe is with Canberra Escorts or not, she could run into clients who act a certain way. Sometimes, this is a good thing; unfortunately, other times it’s anything but that. If you want to make sure you’re […]

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Canberra Escorts – Cholesterol And How It Can Greatly Affect Your Sexual Performance

In the search for potential mates, or even potential sexual partners, each one of us has our own list of preferred qualities or traits. Some go for guys or girls who have a good sense of humour, while others prefer those who are kind to kids and animals. However, there’s another thing that we should […]

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Canberra Escorts – 3 Sex Positions to Turn Up the Heat

There’s no doubt you’ve read somewhere that women usually fake orgasm, just to ensure their partners feel better about their little sexual romp. When you’re with one of the lovely females showcased in the gallery at Canberra Escorts, you won’t have to worry if she’s faking. They give wholeheartedly while enjoying themselves, too.   But […]

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