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Canberra Escorts – Canadian University Study Reveals the 3 Distinct Types of Porn Users

Have you ever watched X-rated videos, logged-on to porn websites or gazed at porn magazines? Well if you say yes, then how often do you patronise your favourite porn videos, websites or magazines? Those who have never given their porn habits any serious thoughts should perhaps do so now, as new research published in the […]

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Canberra Escorts – Startling & Shocking Facts About “Sex Doll” Brothels

Perhaps you’ve read a couple of online articles which talked about the possibility of humans making love to “robots” one day in the future. Well, the future is at hand perhaps, because today you’ll find brothels or sex shops that don’t have real sexy women inside it, but artificial copies of them! (I meant “sex […]

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Canberra Escorts – Tips to Get Over Your Fear of Women

Whenever you try and interact with women, do you find that you have difficulty doing so? Maybe you felt really anxious, your palms were sweaty, and you just couldn’t make eye contact. Instead of just being nervous, you could actually have a fear of women, whether or not they look like the lovely courtesans at […]

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