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Canberra Escorts – “What’s Actually True” Facts About the Elusive G-Spot

In the fun and exciting (and sometimes weird) world of sex, the term “G-spot” has often been described (and even derided) as the “Bigfoot” of the vagina (Remember Bigfoot, that mysterious ape-like creature that was often spotted in the hills and mountains of the Pacific Northwest in the US years ago?). Here’s a look at […]

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Canberra Escorts – CDC Report Notes That More Guys and Girls Today Are Having Anal Sex

If you think that sexual activities such as anal sex were only done by gay guys, think again. According to a report recently released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (Nope it’s not about a viral outbreak, nor is it an outbreak of zombies!), more straight guys and girls today have […]

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Canberra Escorts – Morning Sex: Secret To Enhancing Intimacy

For many of us, the kind of job we do or career path we follow, plus the household and family concerns we give attention to each day, could likely be the top reasons why we put off intercourse for the night, instead of enjoying it any time we want to. How about you? Probably, these […]

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Canberra Escort Confessions – Losing your Virginity to an Escort

First time with escorts is not as scary as they are. These girls understand your anxieties and why you are nervous, but there is no reason to worry. We know that you are under enough stress already to take care of your sex life, which is why our Canberra escorts are available for your bookings. […]

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