Strip Clubs – 3 Reasons Why They're Today's "New Normal"
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Strip Clubs – 3 Reasons Why They’re Today’s “New Normal”

Canberra EscortsWhile unemployment rates remain high, and the economy is still not picking up as expected, surprisingly, the underground economy remains vibrant. The demand for strip clubs and lap-dancers is still flourishing. Ask any twenty-something male today, and you’d be surprised to find out that going to a strip club is as normal as going to the local pub or bar. Here are 3 reasons why strip clubs are considered today’s “new normal”.

Watching Nude Women Dance Is Still Considered A Rite Of Passage

What motivates guys to go to strip clubs, or call the services of young and sexy Canberra Escorts? According to sociologists and sex experts, many men today still consider watching nude women dance as a rite of passage – as common as getting their first kiss.

Yet, the easy availability of porn, which you can view at a click of a mouse, has made going to strip clubs not so much of a big deal to young and middle-aged men any more. Nevertheless, many guys especially those in their 20s, go to strip clubs two or three times a week.

Going To Strip Clubs Is Relaxing – Men Get Stimulation

Despite the widespread proliferation of porn and other erotic services offline and online, most men continue to go into strip clubs to fulfil the very same basic needs. These include relaxation, stimulation, escape and human touch.

According to interviews of strippers, many of them consider today’s breed of male clients as “better” customers, because they don’t feel as entitled as the older men who think that strippers should let them do whatever they wish, at the cheapest price possible.

It’s A Convenient Place To Get A Lap Dance

Strip clubs are also great places for men to safely and comfortably, recreate their deepest sexual fantasies. A nice place to step in, clubs can make them stress-free where they are able to talk to sexy women, as well as get a lap dance.

What’s nice is, men can do things that they usually can’t do outside, often in a cosy private room, and not worry about getting a sexual harassment complaint or lawsuit.

So, instead of criminalising or banning strip clubs, it would be much better if a suitable level of regulation is done, if only to weed out the criminal elements from the legitimate ones. Perhaps, this will allow today’s crop of young men to safely and consensually, explore their sexuality.

In the mean time, why don’t you check out the galleries of Canberra Escorts, and find the loveliest women in town? You could bring them to dinner, or take them to the club, as well as enjoy the most pleasurable moments in bed together.

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