Some Statistics of What People Think about Sexual Fantasies
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Some Statistics of What People Think about Sexual Fantasies

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Sexual fantasies are normal for adults. They normally have the desire to be someone whom they can share their passion to. These are your deepest darkest sexual scenarios that you would really want to happen.

When it comes to statistics, 85% of adult women have sexual thoughts according to Brett Kahr, a psychotherapist that wrote the book Been Sleeping in your Head: the Secret World of Sexual Fantasies.

The trusted professor conducted a huge scale research of about 23, 000 women to come up with a statistic about the human need for intercourse and the utter drive for it. This is what he found out:

  • About 90 percent of adults dream about having sex with men aside from the one they have a relationship with.


  • 41 percent dream about having sex with another person’s partner.


  • Surprisingly, almost 40 percent of people fantasize about doing it with a colleague.


  • 25 percent, particularly young boys and adolescents fantasize about having intercourse with a celebrity.


  • 18 percent of adult women fantasize about having threesomes or more.


  • When it comes to threesomes, 28 percent of women want to do it with two men while almost 60 percent fantasize about having sex with two women.


  • 25 percent are into fetishes such as light bondage particularly being tied up.


  • When it comes to being a bit kinky, 18 percent of men and 7 percent of women fantasize about spanking someone.


  • While 11 percent of men and 13 percent of women dream about being spanked.


  • 85 percent of all who participated in the research never shared and acted out their sexual fantasies to somebody.


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