Some Common Misconceptions about Escort Girls
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Some Common Misconceptions about Escort Girls

Though many people still consider escort service as a taboo, it is widely accepted here in Australia. From society’s view, many misconceptions had been developed all over the years about our so-called “working girls”.

  • Escorts are regular prostitutes. This is the most common misconception that everyone has on their mind. Remember, escorts sell their time to their clients, not just their bodies alone. Escorts give non-sexual company and it is within the client’s discretion if they are going to engage in intercourse or not.


  • Escorts are always associated with sex. Though escorts can be a pleasing playmate, not all of them offer sex. There are many men out there that just want some pleasing companion for business functions and the like.


  • Escorts do whatever you want them to do. You have to think that working girls are also human beings and have their own will. They will do what they feel like doing to give you pleasure. If they feel like they are being exploited in any way, these ladies will refuse to do it.


  • Escorts get involved with drugs. It is upon the escort’s discretion if she wants to take in drugs but that is highly unlikely. Most of the escorts you will find around the Internet do not take drugs so do not offer them in the first place.


  • Escort clients are dirty old men. There are some people that are having a hard time finding a relationship because of old age, but not all of them. Escort clients are men that just do not have the time to establish a good relationship that is why they opt for escorts. Escorts look beyond the physical appearance of a man and there they will bring out the best in you through your personality.


  • Escorts girls are not smart. This is not true. Some girls even have college degrees and are really smart. They are smart, well-travelled and well-educated girls who can talk about anything that you want. These women are witty and confident about what they know. Most of the escorts that you will find in this website are.


  • Escorts always have blonde hair and big boobs. Though physical attributes can help start bringing in clients, it is not the only factor that can make up an escort. As a client, you have to look past that and see the beauty within, her personality, intelligence and basically anything that you can’t see with the naked eye.


These are the common misconceptions that you often hear about escorts around the world. If you are still doubtful, find out about it yourself. Click on the gallery for escorts in Canberra that will answer all your questions.

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