Monogamy Versus Non-Monogamy: Which Relationship Structure Would You Prefer To Be In?
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Monogamy Versus Non-Monogamy: Which Relationship Structure Would You Prefer To Be In?

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Are you happy in your one-partner relationship as of the moment? Well, most people think that this is the appropriate type of relationship structure. Because, let’s face it, whoever would want to get hurt when your ‘supposed’ significant other is also having sex with somebody else? Hope it’s not with one of the Canberra Escorts.

And yet, there is this study which claims that people in ‘multiple-partnered’ relationships are just as satisfied and happy as are their ‘single-paired’ counterparts.

According to the lead author of the said study, Jessica Wood, PhD., their research learned that those who are in consensual, non-monogamous relationships feel the same degrees of relationship satisfaction, sexual satisfaction and psychological wellbeing as the ones who are in monogamous relationships. Now, this discovery is debunking how our society view monogamy as the ideal relationship structure.

What It Means To Be In An Open Partnership

So, what does it really mean when you are in a consensual, non-monogamous relationship? And why do people view such type as a disgrace?

Well, it means two people mutually agree that each of them may be allowed to have sex with multiple partners if they like, whoever they fancy and any time they want. Sort of a no-strings-attached union or no commitment to each other as to how long they are going to stay in such arrangement.

There is no marital union here, so that means, each one of them is still in a ‘single’ status. And that perhaps, is their passport which allows them to have the freedom to look for other sexual partners they desire.

Records show that in North America, there are between three and seven percent of individuals who are presently in a non-consensual, non-monogamous relationships, something that’s considered very common, contrary to most peoples’ belief.

Human Needs Put Pressure On The Relationship

Wood further says this is the time when people are having too much expectations like sexual gratification and excitement, but, at the same time, they also need financial and emotional support. Such needs are putting pressure on relationships but then again, all these have to be fulfilled. To be able to handle such huge pressure, people are now looking to consensually non-monogamous relationships. But remember, this is the kind looked upon with shame and humiliation by society. How does society view this? Immoral and less fulfilling!

Why? Because everyone thinks that persons in no-commitment relationships are having sex at all times with lots of partners. And worse, they are considered ‘bad’ people. Today however, this might no longer be the case, says Wood.

Surprising Findings From Study

The study which involved 140 people in ‘non-exclusive’ relationships and over 200 in ‘exclusive’ relationships aimed to determine their levels of satisfaction. They were asked questions pertaining to how often they thought of separating, if they confided with the person they’re with, as well as, how they rate their general level of happiness.

Their findings published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships reveal something surprising: that people in open relationships were just as happy and satisfied with their main partners when compared to those in stick-to-one relationships.

So, now that science has backed it up, would you be willing to forego monogamy in favour of multiple-partnered relationship? Think of all the good times you’d be enjoying with the glamorous Canberra Escorts!

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