How to Talk to Private Escorts on the Phone
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How to Talk to Private Escorts on the Phone

Thank you for visiting This is the place where you can get in touch with the girl of your dreams. These courtesans are the best you can find all over Australia, sophisticated, elegant and raunchy. We can assure you that each of the photos that we host in this website are true and legitimate.

If you want to get in touch with these ladies, all you have to do is check out their profiles and there you will see how to get in touch with our Canberra escorts. You need to remember that these ladies do not accept all client calls. So you need to be cautious and professional when calling for a booking.

To help you land an appointment with these ladies, here are some tips that you can utilize:

• Read thoroughly her profile. Before making the call, make sure that you have read everything on her advertisement. You can find on her profile her contact details, services and hourly quotes.

• Do not call her when you are intoxicated. If you sound like a dangerous drunkard on the phone, most likely she would hang up on you. Nobody wants to answer a drunk call, not only that, it sounds unprofessional and you might just embarrass yourself.

• Make an appointment on the first call. Be straightforward and nail the appointment on first call. If you have inquiries that are not indicated on her profile, it would be better to text message or email her (whichever she prefers). Answer all the question she asks you truthfully and do not beat around the bush.

• Give her time to return your call. If ever she missed your call, give her 3 hours to a day before calling back. It might be that she is attending another client or busy with more important things.

• Respect her time. Keep in mind that they are paid for their time therefore time is money and if you waste their time you are wasting money. Also, do not ever be late when meeting up with your choice escort. Respect her time as much as she does for you.

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