Get To Know Her and Steal Her Heart – The Basics
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Get To Know Her and Steal Her Heart – The Basics

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Before you think about stealing a girl’s heart, there’s one thing you have to be able to do – and that’s to get to know her. For some blokes, doing this may seem pretty difficult, especially if they usually rely on, say, Canberra escorts for company. However, it’s not that complicated. Getting to know a lovely woman consists of several aspects, and these are some of the more important ones.

1. Communicate. You’re just starting to know each other and you text each other maybe once or twice a day. Or you’re at the stage where you can spend hours chatting through Skype or a similar platform. You could say communication is the most basic of basics, because you can’t learn more about her if you don’t stay in touch, somehow.

2. Ask questions. Remember that any time you talk to her, in person or otherwise, that dominating the conversation won’t get you anywhere when you’re trying to get to know her. Conversation is a two-way street, so don’t worry about getting your chance to speak. You just have to remember not to make it all about you.

Ask her about herself, from the most mundane questions like her favourite school subject, to something more complex like her dreams for the future. Make sure to listen, too – women are usually able to tell when you’re not paying attention, and she won’t appreciate it if you space out.

3. Show interest. Essentially, when she mentions something she seems to be passionate about, try to find out more about that. For instance, if she enjoys her job, find out more about what she does. If her eyes light up when she mentions her family, find out about them.

4. Spend time with those close to her. Do so as a friend, though. You could offer to help her friends move furniture, for example. It may sound cliché, but it gets things done; she’ll like that you’re doing her friends a favour, and her friends will likely share a few things you may not have found out about otherwise.

The same goes for her family – get to know them, because doing so will help her feel closer to you, and also tell you about her roots, not to mention who she might become later on.

5. Share a secret. Confiding in her will instantly make you two feel closer, and she’ll feel special knowing something about you that you haven’t told anyone else. It shows her how much you trust her, and will prompt her to confide in you, too.

All of this will take time, of course, but in the game of love, getting to know someone makes it more interesting. True, getting to know one of the Canberra escorts you find online can feel the same way. But when you’re working towards a genuine relationship, learning about your partner-to-be makes it all worthwhile.

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