Generic Misconceptions about Male Masturbation:
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Generic Misconceptions about Male Masturbation: Splitting Bald Truth from Myths

Sexual urges of males comes effortlessly and instinctive. They are ferocious individuals when releasing their carnal desires. In all reality, men stimulate more as compared to women do. Masturbation intrinsically is a natural phenomenon that satisfies the cravings of human and is being part of our existence.

The feat of masturbation usually manifest at night time. Males can develop ample quantity of seminal fluid that cumulate whereby needed to be released thus giving space for more production. When this happens, this brings about discharges during sleeping time and commonly called wet dreams.

It can’t be helped that when referring to about masturbation, some individuals can’t refrain associating it with myths. They might mull over that when a guy frequently masturbates, this causes his penis to get big. Another misbelief is that when men masturbate, it causes the penis to prevent from growing and shrink the testicles.

Nonetheless, this article will list down all the usual misconceptions about male masturbation with corresponding facts. This will unveil the bald truth so that it won’t spark perplexity to the minds of concerned males.

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Common Misconceptions about Male Masturbation

1. The homos are known for being the ones who masturbates exclusively.

FACT: This is not true at all. If it is, then everyone is considered to be homos. In fact, when boys reach their pubescence by 10 to 12 years, they set forth to masturbate.

2. Only the lonely dare to masturbate.

FACT: A fabricated statement where realistically everyone does masturbates. Even couples do masturbate each other.

3. Masturbation causes obvious hair loss, body exhaustion, jumpiness and poor vision.

FACT: This is undeniably an idiotic thought where in fact there’s been no executed studies that masturbation causes such consequences.

4. Men that frequently masturbate can experience semen shortage.

FACT: This is one more false idea which is really strange. Men can cultivate about 1 – 2 teaspoons of semen per minute.

5. Male masturbation can cause sexually transmitted disease.

FACT: This notion is way cockeyed. A simple masturbation cannot really pass on STD and there are no related medical studies that via masturbation, an individual can get contaminated.

Misconceptions that has been pointed out above should now be disregarded than contemplate on it bewilderingly. Truth be told, masturbation is healthy that it brings about our own sexual awareness. Being open to your sexuality is not a bad thing. Let our Canberra escorts open your eyes to a new kind of sexual experience. Look for the hottest escorts in our gallery!


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