Don't Like The Taste Of Semen? Masque It
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Don’t Like The Taste Of Semen? Masque It

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Do you love to lick and suck your lover’s cock? Of course, next to that is to swallow his jizz deep and hard because you don’t want to hurt his feelings, do you? In truth, not all babes are able to swallow semen after a mind-blowing blow-job because there are fluids that taste bitter, salty and with tinge of protein. That’s just too eww!

Nowadays, you don’t have to take in sweaty and foul-tasting man-goo. There’s a new yummy product especially made for the female specie and as well, all types of cock-suckers, available in the market today that are said to improve oral. Masque gel strips easily dissolve in the mouth and these pack a big burst of flavour – strawberry, mango, watermelon, and chocolate. Even the luscious Canberra Escorts will surely love to use such product before they give head.

A New Way To Improve Oral

It seems that astute entrepreneurs have invented all sorts of stuff just to bolster intimacy in the bedroom, from Epsom salts to Ace bandages, to personal lubes and even razors with eight vibrating blades! And now, here comes a miraculous, space-age flavour-masking technology that can make fellatio much more desirable than it used to be.

Masque sexual flavours amazingly ‘makes semen taste good’. No, it doesn’t really alter its taste but rather, it masks the taste of seminal fluid when you put it in your mouth for up to 15 minutes! All flavours have a bit of menthol kick in them. So, what maybe a boring sex life in the past could actually be sparked anew as Masque can ignite your sexual fire! Now, no one will ever hesitate to engage in oral sex again, making hot lovers achieve the sex life they truly deserve.

How The Idea of Sexual Flavours Started

It was way back in 2006 when a smart entrepreneur from Florida along with his wife and two other couples were having a conversation over dinner about oral intercourse. The guys were complaining on the ‘lack of generosity’ of the gals where it’s desperately needed. Eventually, all the wives in that group put up a challenge – that if semen could have the taste of chocolate syrup, then they will be ‘in’.

After that, the fearless entrepreneur began investigating on how to make man-juice taste better by analysing products for men. Yet, the problem wasn’t with the males. Ironically, the solution was for the females. And to make the long story short – 5 years after and around 30 prototypes later, Masque gel strips with multi-flavours were invented. Now, you can bring the intimacy between you and your lover up to the next level with this revolutionary product. You won’t have to worry any longer how his goo tastes.

Just a loving reminder from the irresistible Canberra Escorts, this commodity is best-suited for couples who don’t have any qualms chatting about the negative taste of blow-job, or those who have an aversion to semen!

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