Canberra Escorts – Wet N' Wild Facts About Wax Play, and How to Do it Safely
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Canberra Escorts – Wet N’ Wild Facts About Wax Play, and How to Do it Safely

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Want to literally heat things up in the bedroom? Perhaps you and your partner should try doing something called “wax play”! According to BDSM experts, wax play is actually a wonderful way to erotically heat things up in the bedroom, and here’s how to safely and maturely do it.

Why Do Wax Play?
Perhaps if you suggest that you do wax play with your girlfriend, or with your preferred Canberra Escorts, the first thing they’ll ask you is “why wax play?” Well, perhaps you should tell them that it’s a nice way to entice sexual excitement and arousal!

According to a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, around 35% of S&M (or sadomasochism) participants engage in “temperature” play, which also includes wax play. In wax play, heated wax is introduced to the skin as a way to build up erotic arousal, but it still requires practice, education, communication and understanding.

Experienced kinksters often use it as a form of foreplay, which causes a submissive to writhe and twist into shapes and positions that are alluring and downright sexy for the average S&M enthusiast.

What Type of Wax or Candle Should Be Used?
Veteran BDSM enthusiasts suggest that soy candles are the safest to use, although there are an assortment of candles that you can buy and use, from scented and paraffin candles to beeswax candles. But since soy is derived from soy beans, these are less likely to cause skin irritations or infections.

Where Should You Do Your First Drip?
BDSM experts stress that you should do the first drip on yourself rather than someone else first, because you couldn’t do unto others what you wouldn’t do to yourself! Furthermore, this also helps create a pain threshold and also helps the dominant understand the sensations their partner will feel.

And, also remember that the further away from the skin, the safer. Thus, stand over your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Canberra Escorts (That’s if they agree to do wax play!) from a high level and do a few dribbles first!

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