Canberra Escorts – Valuable Pointers for Guys & Girls Who are Having Sex for the Very First Time
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Canberra Escorts – Valuable Pointers for Guys & Girls Who are Having Sex for the Very First Time

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Canberra Escorts

Like anything else in life, the first time is always fun, exciting and truly messy. Just look at the men and women who have sex for the very first time! For most people, the first time they have sex with someone is almost always considered a deeply individual experience. And although sex can mean different things (and it comes with different emotions) from person to person, or from hookup to hookup, there are a handful of insights that can make your first time having sexual intercourse more comfortable, communicative and pleasurable. Here are a couple of valuable first-time pointers to ponder on.

Don’t Forget to Breathe
If it’s your first time to dive into some great bedroom action, perhaps with your girlfriend, or I guess with the pretty and extra-hot Canberra Escorts, remember to breathe! According to sex experts, the big part of enjoying sex is focusing on the sensations you are feeling, instead of focusing on your nervousness (which is actually a normal thing to feel for first-timers!).

To let go of distracting thoughts and any nervousness, do some deep breathing, and as you take those deep breaths, focus on how the different parts of your body are feeling, and how your partner’s body feels against yours.

Don’t Forget to Do Foreplay
When you become more relaxed and more focused, the better sex will feel. And when you’re already relaxed, you will not neglect foreplay, which includes oral sex, manual sex, and good old-fashioned kissing.

And whether you orgasm or not on the first time you have sex, don’t ever forget to give your lady some good old clitoral stimulation, because vaginal intercourse doesn’t provide very much of it!

Put a Premium on Safety
During first time sex, nothing will be more distracting or unsettling than worrying about getting sexually-transmitted infections (STI), or getting your female partner pregnant. Thus, don’t forget to use a condom even if your lady is on another form of birth control, to protect you both from STI’s.

And whether you’re in bed with the girl you just met at the bar, or you’re with the lovely and alluring Canberra Escorts, don’t forget to smile, and enjoy the whole erotic experience!

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