Canberra Escorts - Top 4 Tips to End a Relationship That's Bad for You
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Canberra Escorts – Top 4 Tips to End a Relationship That’s Bad for You

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For the most part, relationships are good for you. They help you become emotionally close with someone, teach you how to get along with someone when you’re more than friends, and make you a better person overall. Unfortunately, there are relationships that do more harm than good – and this isn’t the kind of bad that you can deal with by engaging one of the Canberra escorts you see online.

You can usually tell the relationship is one of those if you’re not experiencing the happiness you think you deserve. The funny thing is, much of a relationship is in your head – which means, if you think you’re not as happy as you think you ought to be, it’s likely that you really aren’t. When that happens, experts advise that you let go, no matter how much you still like your partner.

Sadly, ending a relationship isn’t the easiest thing to do. Here, though, are a few ways you can make doing so easier. After all, if a relationship is bad for you, the last thing you want is to keep it going.

1. Try and fix it. Sometimes, all a bad relationship really needs is a little more effort. If you and your girl both give your all to make it work, you may just see some progress. Remember, though, that you shouldn’t try and force the old romance back, because that will make things worse.

If even your best efforts don’t seem to have an effect, that’s one thing you can tell your girl when you break the news of your decision to her.

2. List the reasons. Why do you want the relationship to end? Do you know the reason or reasons behind thinking the relationship is making you unhappy? You need to understand these so that you don’t second-guess yourself when having the talk with your soon-to-be-ex.

3. Accept your decision. This is connected to the previous point. If you’re not convinced by your decision to end the relationship, your explanation will sound half-baked, and your partner will suspect there’s something else going on and you’re not actually breaking up with her.

Not being fully convinced will also leave you sad and confused, which can make recovering from the breakup more difficult than it has to be.

4. Remember that there’s no easy way out. If you’re certain about ending the relationship, another way you can convince her that you’re being serious is to break things off while you’re sober and level-headed. Don’t try and lower inhibitions with alcohol, don’t have someone bring her a message, and don’t even consider breaking up with her over text.

All told, ending a relationship can be difficult and awkward, but keeping the above tips in mind should help you be more prepared. Just make sure not to slip up by, say, saying you’d rather engage Canberra escorts than keep dating her. That’s just not cool.

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