Canberra Escorts – Top 3 Actions That Will Land You On An Escort's Blacklist
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Canberra Escorts – Top 3 Actions That Will Land You On An Escort’s Blacklist

Canberra Escorts

Canberra Escorts

No matter what line of business you’re in, you’ll encounter at least one bad client. Unfortunately, even escort services, like Canberra Escorts aren’t free from them. It’s a good thing, then, there aren’t a lot of them – but that makes them stand out even more. If you’re planning to engage one of these lovely ladies, here’s what you shouldn’t do.

1. Watch the clock. Several few escorts say this is among the most annoying things a client can do. It can mean they’re either anxious to get to another appointment, or they’re making sure they get the most out of the current one. Even though the latter is more preferable, it’s still rude, says one gorgeous courtesan.

Think about it: you wouldn’t like it if your date kept glancing at her watch or a clock, right? Whether you want time to slow down or speed up, it still doesn’t make your date feel good.

2. Brag a lot. You either talk about how well-hung you are, or you brag about the high position you hold at the company you work for. Whichever it is, you need to draw the line somewhere or you’ll be turning her off, not on. You’re not impressing her, either. Essentially, you need to keep the conversation away from sex.

It’s true that any bloke likes to have his ego stroked, but there’s a point where it becomes too much. If you get to that point, even the best courtesan may end up not seeing you again.

3. Haggling on price. It’s true that you can get certain things for less, but an escort’s time is definitely not on the list. One lovely babe shares that it’s especially frustrating when the client had agreed to the price before they met up.

Whatever your line of work, you want to be paid what you’re worth – so why should things be different in her case? When it comes down to it, look for other escorts who don’t charge as much but are still as appealing, if you feel you can’t afford one escort’s fee.

If you’re one of the blokes who has never done any of the above, then you’re well on your way to making sure you stay off any escort’s blacklist. So go ahead and engage one of the beautiful vixens at Canberra Escorts – she’d be happy to entertain you.

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