Canberra Escorts – The Very Useful Guide to Sexy, and Respectful Spanking
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Canberra Escorts – The Very Useful Guide to Sexy, and Respectful Spanking

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Though frequently used in the past (but now very much frowned upon), spanking was very much familiar as a punishment method for kids. Today however, spanking is currently a super-popular and super-sexy way of “punishing” a consenting bedroom partner!  But while spanking is totally normal and fun, it’s still hitting someone. Thus, here’s a very useful, and sensible, guide to sexy spanking.

Talk About Intensity

If you and your girlfriend, or your preferred Canberra Escorts, plan to do some hot and sleazy spanking on your next date, perhaps the first thing to do would be to talk about intensity. For starters, single-tailed whips are not advised for newbies because they can wrap around the body like a python!

And before adding any form of spanking, slapping, paddling, etc. to your sex life, pick a safe word first, as safe words are mandatory for anything that involves striking or hitting. Pick something that you know will snap you both out of any bondage-like spell, like “hedgehog”, “killer whale” or “Ralph Lauren”!

Spank Inside the Lines

Now, where on the body is it safe to spank someone? According to BDSM experts, anywhere with muscle and fat, like the booty, is safe. It would also help if you spank just the clothed area, and stay away from the sides of the body, because it’s more painful. Also avoid spanking areas like the kidney area, neck, joints, tailbone and hip bones!

Level Up Using – Wooden Spoons

Those new to spanking and other forms of impact play should start with using their hands. Why? Because they’re easily accessible, and they’re attached to you, and they’ll also allow for skin-to-skin contact, which is a wonderful way to connect with each other.

But if you want to level up the experience, simply head to your kitchen and use a wooden spoon, because these types of tools make a “thuddy” sound, just like a paddle, and they won’t make your girlfriend, or lovely Canberra Escorts cringe, and writhe in pain too!

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