Canberra Escorts - The Risks, & Potential Perks, of Getting a "Jacob's Ladder" Piercing on Your Shaft
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Canberra Escorts – The Risks, & Potential Perks, of Getting a “Jacob’s Ladder” Piercing on Your Shaft

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Men and women get their tongues, ears and other body parts pierced for a wide array of reasons, some of which include the idea that piercings are a great fashion statement. But seriously, would you dare want to get your dick pierced? Well, there are a variety of penis piercings, with one of the most popular being The Prince Albert, which is a piercing toward the head of the penis! But, here’s another one called the “Jacob’s Ladder’ piercing, which I’m sure is not for the faint-hearted!  Read on to find out more about the risk and potential perks of getting a Jacob’s Ladder piercing on your shaft.

Jacob’s Ladder Piercings Are Fairly Extreme

Why do some men want to get their penis pierced? Well, for others, getting a piercing is the ultimate symbol of manhood, or plain machismo, while others say that the piercings make sex more pleasurable for the ladies. But then again, I bet you don’t need any form or piercing down there anymore, because you know just how to please ladies as hot and sexy as the Canberra Escorts!

According to the experts, a Jacob’s ladder piercing is a series of piercings up the underside of the shaft that creates a ladder-like appearance. These types of piercings are fairly extreme, even among seasoned body modification enthusiasts. However, some dudes swear that these improved the quality of sex for them and their partners!

There are a Few Risks Involved to Getting it

Like any other body modification procedure, there are a couple of risks involved with getting a Jacob’s Ladder piercing, among which include infection and pain during intercourse. When it comes to piercings, tattoos or any form of body manipulation, it is a personal choice and decision.

But from a medical standpoint, health experts stress that when taking into account piercings on your penis, you have to ensure that it’s not putting you or your partner at risk. For example, a thicker penis will require longer jewelry, and penis length will dictate how many frenum piercings or “rungs” of the ladder will be done!

But then again, I bet you don’t need any form of body modification, because you’re confident of what you have, and I bet your favourite Canberra Escorts have no qualms with how you perform in bed too!

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