Canberra Escorts - The Many Benefits of Spooning
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Canberra Escorts – The Many Benefits of Spooning

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Among the various sex positions and techniques, perhaps one method is often looked-over by many, because they find it unexciting or outright boring, and it’s spooning! But according to sex experts, since the skin is the largest organ we have in our bodies, the primal urge to have skin-to-skin contact for majority of humans is due to our desire to be soothed, comforted and loved. So, I guess you may need to rethink your outdated ideas about spooning, by learning its many benefits.

It’s an Easy Segue to Intercourse

Here’s one good reason why you and your girlfriend, or your favourite Canberra Escorts, should be spooning more often, and it’s because it can easily be incorporated if you’re feeling a little tired or lazy!

For example, the inner spoon is the receiving partner, and the outer spoon is the one penetrating, either with their penis or with a strap-on. The inner spoon could guide their partner in while arching in order to get the right angle. And depending on each person’s size, there may be some adjustments needed going up, down or forward, in order to get a comfortable fit!

It’s an Alternate Form of Intimacy

Sex experts also say that spooning is a good alternative for people who have difficulty with eye contact after sex. The position offers an alternative, where the inside spoon partner is s close to the other, so close that they can hear their breathing, feel the other’s heartbeat, and be held, without any demand on the big spoon partner!

It Offers Relaxation and Hormone Release

Majority of sex coaches and experts also stress that when you spoon with your partner, you will notice your breath begin to slow, deepen and sync. Not only does this feel so relaxing but it also triggers a healthy release of oxytocin, which is a hormone and neurotransmitter that’s believed to be linked to feelings of bonding and sexual arousal.

So, whenever you get the opportunity, make sure that you engage in some healthy spooning with ladies as hot and sexy as the Canberra Escorts!

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