Canberra Escorts - The Do's and Don'ts of Dirty Talk That Most Women Can Agree On
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Canberra Escorts – The Do’s and Don’ts of Dirty Talk That Most Women Can Agree On

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If you’re looking for hot and novel ways for spicing things up in the bedroom, and for making your partner have a more fun and sleazy time with you, perhaps you should learn to master the art of – Dirty Talk! However, it’s not that easy, and there’s no right and wrong way to do it because every relationship is different and every woman likes different things, and of course there’s a fine line between dirty talk and disgusting talk. Here’s a look at the do’s and don’ts of dirty talk that most women can agree on.

The Do’s of Dirty Talk
If you’re a newbie to the hot and sleazy world of dirty talk, perhaps you should read this first, before calling your girlfriend, or lovely Canberra Escorts a “slut”! For starters, you need to tell your lady that you want to do this dirty talk thing all night long, as nothing makes a girl better than hearing that her man wants to keep doing it!

Next, do “Dominate”. As much of a woman’s life today is about controlling situations and taking care of other people, it would be quite a relief to have someone take control and take care of them. In fact, a lot of women today would actually like their guys to feel free to tell them what they want them to do, or what they like. Remember that most girls have the hots for strong and vocal guys too!

And when doing dirty talk, do say your lady’s name! This shows that the guy is present and in the moment, and it also makes them feel that they’re not just any other girl. Many ladies also say that it feels so hot when the guys whisper their name in their ear. In summary, sex is about the connection between people, and when names are being exchanged, it really supports the idea that you and your partner are in the moment together!

The Don’t of Dirty Talk
Now, here’s what you shouldn’t do when talking dirty to your lady. First, don’t be demeaning, especially to someone whom you haven’t been together for a long period of time. Come on, you certainly won’t tell your lady she’s a “whore” or a “loser”, if she hasn’t consented to doing dirty talk, and you’ve only known her for two days!

Next, don’t get too technical, as words like “penis” and “vagina” were meant for the doctor’s office, and not the bedroom. If your girlfriend, or hot and sexy Canberra Escorts wanted to get a bit technical, she’d probably want to see your doctor, and not you!

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