Canberra Escorts – The Best & Worst Small Spaces To Have Sex
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Canberra Escorts – The Best & Worst Small Spaces To Have Sex

Canberra EscortsBesides the bedroom, there are lots of other cool and exciting (but otherwise cramped) spaces to get down and dirty. And since not all spaces are created equal, most of the time it will all depend on the creativity of both partners, regardless if the space is very wide or totally claustrophobic. Here’s a quick look at the best and worst small spaces to have sex.

The Hot Tub

Have you ever imagined or tried, having sex in a  hot tub with your partner, or your favourite Canberra Escorts? While hot tubs are not so cramped, it can be quite challenging to see each other’s body through the soap and foam, and in some cases both partners can only feel each other’s touch. Well that’s why they’re called hot tubs!


Limousines are great for use during weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and city tours with friends or business partners. They’re also very nice places to have sex! It’s because limousines strike the perfect balance between elegance, comfort and shameless debauchery.

For starters, a limo’s seats are very relaxing, and there are  provisions for champagne, cocktales and food. Plus, the sunroof’s also a great place to flaunt your excesses, and it’s a nice opening for your girls to gain extra leg room too!


Do you plan to visit the Yosemite Valley National Park, or any other outdoor retreat any time soon?  Apart from having sex in the tent, or out in the open, caves are exciting places to do the jiggy too. The cave’s acoustics should make your wild moans cascade throughout the area, and the element of surprise should also add to the excitement (whether it’s a bat that swoops down on you, or the park ranger).

But if dark places like caves do not seem enticing to you and your partner, then perhaps you could do it inside a tent. Set the mood by lighting a camp fire in the background, or slightly open the shades to get a glimpse of the starlight.

The Closet

If the bathroom, toilet or the bedroom are quite indisposed for even a nice quickie, then perhaps the closet should offer more privacy.  Having sex in the closet implies that you and your partner are just so overcome with desire that you couldn’t wait to get somewhere a little more convenient and relaxing.

The Shower

Showers are of course popular places for copulating. But unless you’re in a big and fancy shower, it can be quite a challenge to properly fit two people under the water stream, and there’s also the risk of slipping and banging your head on the slippery floor.

The Car’s Backseat

Want to go back in time, to an era when you were reckless and adventurous? Then go back to your favourite makeout session during high school or college, which is the backseat of the car!

What’s good about this location is that makes couples feel passionate and reckless once again, but when you inadvertently slam your lower back or butt into a seat belt, then it can be quite a painful experience that’s not worth remembering!

Just park the car in a discreet corner, and out of the prying eyes of passers-by, so you’ll have an exciting (and undisturbed) time with your mate or   lovely Canberra Escorts!


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