Canberra Escorts – The Best Sex Positions for Women Who Suffer From Endometriosis
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Canberra Escorts – The Best Sex Positions for Women Who Suffer From Endometriosis

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Sex is fun and exciting, but that’s until you suffer from certain diseases and afflictions like – endometriosis! Well, according to obstetrics and gynecologists, endometriosis affects women, and  is defined as an often painful disorder in which  tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus (or the endometrium) grows outside of the uterus. Endometriosis generally involves the ovaries, fallopian tubes and the tissue lining her pelvis. Here’s a peek at the bests ex positions for women who suffer from endometriosis.

Modified Doggy Style

Try asking any of your hookup mates, or even your favourite Canberra Escorts, if they or any of their friends, suffer from endometriosis, and I bet you’ll hear a mouthful from them on just how gut-wrenching the condition feels!

The good thing is that a lot of women with endometriosis have already adapted to the condition, and have found ways to work around it too!  And taking a cue from your Yoga classes, if the penetration of the classic doggie style is too much, your lady  could try easing into it by lying on her stomach, and you lay on top and penetrate her. Thru this modified doggie style, both of you get full-body contact,  and it’s also a super intimate way to get off!

The Backup Boogie

The Backup Boogie is also a wonderful option to prevent painful sex since the reverse cowgirl can get a little bit awkward especially if you are trying to coordinate bouncing and thrusting. With the Backup Boogie, the ladies will still have all the control while the guys get all the views!

The Reverse Cowgirl

While the name of this position may sound terrible, this classic position gives women who suffer  from endometriosis all  the perks  of the doggie style, and  with her in full control! Since deeper penetration can be a problem for ladies with endometriosis, backward positions are not recommended.

But then again, if your hookup buddy, or lovely Canberra Escorts, is in the pink of health, then perhaps you could both do anything you wish in bed!

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