Canberra Escorts –The Best Sex Positions for the Hot and Sweltering Summer Season
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Canberra Escorts –The Best Sex Positions for the Hot and Sweltering Summer Season

Canberra Escorts

Canberra Escorts

What’s the best season to get it on? Well, it’s not the summer, because it’s so hot, sweltering and getting all close to another human being can seem like the worst idea ever. However, with a little creativity, and courage, there are actually a lot of sex positions for the summer that help minimize all the issues and roadblocks. Here’s a look at a few of them.

Woman on Top

If it’s the summer, and you don’t have a pool or AC,I guess it wouldn’t be much of a problem as long as you’re in the company of ladies as hot and sizzling as the lovely Canberra Escorts, for you  could still have a fun time by doing the Woman on Top!

According to sex experts, sometimes climbing on top of the other person is the best way to minimize getting all gross and sweaty. She can sit on top of you and do whatever it is she likes to do!


The Sideways sex position is called by some people as the “Linguini”, which is quite fitting during the summer season, because both of you will feel like soggy pasta anyway! In this move, your lady lies on her side while you get behind on one knee, for better angle and support. She rolls up on one of your butt cheeks, and lets you penetrate her with ease!

The Classic 69

People call things classic for a reason, and when it comes to sex positions the 69 is definitely a true classic! The 69 is also hailed as one of the best summer sex positions because you don’t have to touch anything other than the area you’re working with.

To minimize the “work” part of this, and thus lower you and your hookup buddy, or lovely Canberra Escorts’ heart rate and body temperature, you should both lay on your sides and go to town!


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