Canberra Escorts – The Best Sex Positions for the Brave and Flexible
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Canberra Escorts – The Best Sex Positions for the Brave and Flexible

Canberra Escorts

Canberra Escorts

Are you are daring (And so is your bedroom buddy?), and up for a real challenge in bed? (And by the way, are you quite flexible too?) If you’re both up and ready for some challenge, check if you can get yourselves into any of these hard-core sex positions that are best for the brave and flexible. Just remember to stretch and warm out first.

The Deep Lunge

Here’s one challenging yet fun sex position to try out tonight with your hookup mates, or your favourite Canberra Escorts, and it’s called The Deep Lunge! In this move, you and your partner can put your warrior one skills into good use in this you-on-top position.

Here, you lie flat on your back, while she gets on top with one leg straight down between yours, and the other bent so her foot is beside your chest. This way, she will have way more leverage and staying power, plus she can grind as she pleases too!

The Safety Piledriver

The Piledriver has been a porn favourite and mainstay for years already, but it rarely appears online, because it ends up with everyone in tears, and neck braces for all!  Try this modified version by asking your lady to lie on the couch with her butt up on the top of the back cushions, and her head hanging off the front of the front cushions.

Next, you stand over her, with your feet on the seat cushion, bending your knees and holding back on to the back of the couch. Now isn’t this modified version of The Piledriver still hot, but no on-call medics or ambulances required!

The Reverse Wheelbarrow

In this move, your lady lies on her back, while you stand at her feet, lifts her legs and hoists her hips up to yours, so you can mount her like a freaking caveman. Just remind your lady to keep her chin tucked to her chest, so that she doesn’t break something. You will be able to hold her up longer if you stand back against a wall, and holds some of her weight against your body!

Now, which of these daring sex positions would you and your girlfriend, or hot and sizzling Canberra Escorts, be raring to try out tonight, or anytime this week?

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