Canberra Escorts - The Best Sex Positions for Couples Who Have Major Height Differences
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Canberra Escorts – The Best Sex Positions for Couples Who Have Major Height Differences

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Your height can either be a major hurdle, or plus factor, especially when it comes to sporting events like basketball or football, and in certain careers like modelling. But, don’t you know that differences in height can also be a major hurdle for couples? Well, yes it can be. Like for example if you’re 6 feet tall and your lady’s just 5 feet, I guess your lady cannot reach up to you easily! However, there are sex positions that can help couples have fun, even if they have major height differences.

The Wedged Thrust

Who cares if you’re just 5 feet flat, and your hot and sexy Canberra Escorts are 5 or 6 inches taller than you, when you can do the Wedged Thrust? With a wedge underneath your lady’s hips, she lays on the edge of the bed or couch on her back. And while standing at the edge of the bed, you thrust into her! T maintain balance, she could rest her legs along your torso!

The Close-Up

In this move, while you’re seated, with your feet tucked up beneath you, your lady straddles you. Since you’re both on the same level, you could easily kiss and lick each other’s faces, as well as make out and tease each other!

Reverse Cowgirl

The Reverse Cowgirl is perfect for partners with divergent height, as height difference would be out of the equation when you lie on the back! While facing your feet, have her straddle you and ride you. And if you have a bigger penis, this will work wonders as it allows you to easily stimulate her G-spot!

Table Top

While this move obviously refers to doing it on top of a table, the truth is that you can actually do is on any plain surface, whether it’s the bed, couch, table or kitchen counter! Once your lady’s lying on the bed or on any plain surface, enter into her. It’s that easy!

The best bonus of doing the Table Top is that you and your girlfriend, hookup mate or favourite Canberra Escorts are at the same level, and it works well as you face each other!


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