Canberra Escorts – The Best Positions for All-Day, Marathon Sex
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Canberra Escorts – The Best Positions for All-Day, Marathon Sex

Canberra Escorts

Canberra Escorts

If you’ve got nothing to do all-day long, because it’s either the weekend, or it’s a public holiday, then what’s the best thing to do in bed? Well, have sex all day long! If a marathon session is on your sexual bucket list, you will definitely need a large chunk of free time, lots of stamina and buckets of lube, as well as a gallon of water. Here are a few of the best sex positions for all-day marathon sex.

The Sprint

If you’re longing to spend a long weekend with your hookup buddy, or with your preferred

Canberra Escorts, perhaps you should try out this marathon sex move! With The Sprint, you tweak the missionary by pushing your dick straight down so the top side is rubbing along her vulva instead of penetrating. This amps up the stimulation for both partners, although not much for the guy (So he can last much longer!).

Come at Me

How many times can your partner actually “come”? Well, gather an array of sex toys, and let your lady lie back, bind her arms and feet so she’s in an X-shape. Next, attend to her with a variety of tools, from your fingers to oral to buzzing and throbbing vibes or dildos, if only to provide different levels of orgasms!

The Soul Gazer Squeeze

Marathons are all about the slow burn, thus switch it up and find positions that are stimulating, but not too much. With this all-day sex move, your lady sits on top of you, and you stare into each other’s eyes, but you don’t move, just squeeze!

The Triathalon

If an all-day tryst is what you’re planning, perhaps you should try out this move called “The Triathalon”!  With this, you try doing it in every room of the house, although I would recommend that you do it in the bathroom sink, kitchen counter, sofa and bedroom dresser (Unless it’s from Ikea, and you assembled it yourself!).

And when someone’s just about to finish, move yourselves to another room, and take breaks for refuelling! Now which marathon sex position would you wish to try out with your girlfriend, or with the lovely and alluring Canberra Escorts?

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