Canberra Escorts – The 3 Elements That Make for an Intense Erotic Bond
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Canberra Escorts – The 3 Elements That Make for an Intense Erotic Bond

Canberra Escorts

Canberra Escorts

If you think that sex is just wham-bam-thank you, well you’re dead wrong. In reality, sex is actually a multi-dimensional experience which involves both partner’s bodies, minds and senses. It’s also a beautiful way for two people to come together, share their deepest intimacies, and express themselves using a beautiful language. Here’s a look at the three elements that make for an intense erotic bond.

Ongoing Desire

Regardless of whether you’re currently in a long-term relationship, or you’re just in a casual fling with ladies as hot and sexy as the Canberra Escorts, knowing that you crave for that person, and that person craves for you too, can make your partnership feel edgy, passionate and adventurous!

That said, desire isn’t something you just can’t force. What you can do is begin cultivating more lusty yearnings for each other by identifying what evokes your own turn-ons and turn-offs and communicating those. For example, perhaps you feel more sensual and flirty toward your mate after you’ve taken a relaxing bath, and maybe you feel the exact opposite when you’re tired.

Deep Satisfaction

Compatibility in the bedroom alone should not have the power to make or break your relationship, or your active sex life. Thus, it’s normal to have sexual misses from time to time. However, knowing what makes the sexual experience satisfying for both of you can really improve your connection! Thus, think about sex not just as an act, but also as a language that you become continuously more fluent in!

Affectionate Touch

The truth is that most folks can actually live without the physical act of sex, but we can’t really live without touch, or else we become aggressive, irritable and depressed. That’s why the happiest mates in the world are those who are affectionate, and come into close contact with each other through affectionate touch!

This might mean giving foot rubs and back rubs, or holding hands and doing some other form of touching, which feels pleasurable to you and your girlfriend, or your preferred Canberra Escorts!

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