Canberra Escorts Stories: My Client's Best Sex
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Canberra Escorts Stories: My Client’s Best Sex

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That was me moaning. It’s unintelligible, barely-heard, but it’s there. I maybe one Canberra escorts but I was surprisingly liking this. Well, I like sex in general.

The burn of his cock sliding in me was frighteningly amazing. He wasn’t overly long, but thick and girthy.

It’s been so long. I miss this kind of burn, the very kind where pain and pleasure mix.

I felt full. Delightfully full.

He took his time going in. He was kissing my neck – my skin pregnant with burgeoning sweat, his kisses smooth and wet. His thick cock was heavy and seated within me.

My pussy was quivering. Somehow it knew what was going on, and it perked its attention right up. I was clamping him in, and he started groaning.

“Shit, you feel so good.” He was panting.

I could say the same. He felt fantastic. I could have exploded right there, just feeling him fill me.

My pussy was happy about his size. And it reacted viscerally to the intrusion. It squeezed his cock more.

“Shit, I could come just like that. I didn’t even start pumping in yet. Fuck, you’re so tight.” He continued.

It was then that I found my voice, “Move.”

That was all it took.

He started pumping in, hard. The pleasant burn was replaced with a feeling of fullness. My body was feverish with need, my hands clamping on his back. He started medium-paced, taking his time. My legs hugged his waist tight, drawing in more of him.

I needed him crowding me. I needed his weight on me. I needed to feel him all over my body.

I was wanting, needing. My body was thrumming with lust, every nerve ending on high alert.

He started pistoning. In. Out and back in. Every thrust he’s deeper, eliciting cat-like moans from my end. He was grunting, his eyes closed, as he took it home.

“There. Oh, god. There. Do that again.” I moaned out.

He was hitting my G-spot. And my body was filled with electric pleasure. I was arching my body towards him – sweat, saliva and our bodily juices joining.

I came… Fuck, I came so hard. It was explosive. In that moment, he wasn’t a person – to me, he was just a cock, the cock I want to be in me all the time.

My quivering pussy sent him to the edge, and he orgasmed inside. I felt him shoot, and the condom filled. In that moment, I remembered thinking what would it feel like him cumming bare. That thought dissipated as quick as it entered my mind – as a Canberra escorts, I couldn’t risk it.

“That was the best sex in my life.” He said after cumming. He was still inside me, above me – his body flushed with sweat and sex.

“I know.” I said.

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