Canberra Escorts – Startling & Shocking Facts About "Sex Doll" Brothels
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Canberra Escorts – Startling & Shocking Facts About “Sex Doll” Brothels

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Perhaps you’ve read a couple of online articles which talked about the possibility of humans making love to “robots” one day in the future. Well, the future is at hand perhaps, because today you’ll find brothels or sex shops that don’t have real sexy women inside it, but artificial copies of them! (I meant “sex dolls”!) Here are a few startling and shocking facts about sex doll brothels.

Spain Has Officially Opened a Sex Doll Brothel

If you’re just so curious about sex doll brothels, and you’d like to know if there’s any open right now, perhaps you could head straight to Spain! Yes, that’s true, Spain has officially opened a sex-doll brothel, and it’s called “Lumidoll”, which is staffed by four sex dolls and one human receptionist. But hey, why make love to lifeless dolls, when you can actually have a more thrilling experience, with the hot (and alive, and breathing) Canberra Escorts!

The Lumidolls in Spain even have names like Katy, Aki, Lili and Leiza, and interested parties can actually see them at the Lumidolls’ official website. The shop’s owners even say that their dolls are “totally realistic”, and “will allow you to fulfil your fantasies without any limits”. The website’s Frequently Asked Questions section even points out that like real women the sex dolls each have oral, vaginal and anal cavity, in case you were so worried about that!

Every Lumedoll is “Sanitised” Before and After Each Service

The creators of the Lumedoll also added that each of the love dolls is “sanitised” after each service, using special antibacterial soap. The website however recommends using the dolls with condoms, which the brothel provides for each of its customers!

For maximum discretion (and no-holds barred pleasure) the brothel even offers to dress and position the doll and have her “waiting” in a private room where the customer can watch porn or listen to music, while having sex with the doll of his or her choice! A one-hour tryst with the love dolls can cost you around US$126! Now isn’t that a hefty price to pay or what!

The truth is that sex doll brothels are not only found in Spain, but in Japan (yes they’ve been around in the Land of the Rising Sun for years already)as well as in the US and China too. In fact, in Japan they are so popular because their main customers are husbands who work away from home, and don’t want to be unfaithful!

Darn, aren’t these sex doll customer’s weird or what? If sex dolls are not part of your erotic fantasies, nor were they ever part of your usual bedroom routines, perhaps a date with sexy and living ladies like the Canberra Escorts, could be a more exciting option!

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