Canberra Escorts – Signs Your Ex Is Missing You
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Canberra Escorts – Signs Your Ex Is Missing You

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Anything that involves relationships can become more complicated than originally thought. Things won’t always be straightforward or as relatively simple as hiring one of the sexy babes at Canberra Escorts. While it’s true that life is more interesting thanks to the challenges you face, there are times you wish a situation would be simpler.

One example is when you break up with your girlfriend and then later you find that you can’t figure out if she’s moved on, or wants you back. How do you act in such a situation? Here are a few signs that are practically shouting that she wants to get back together.

1. Her behaviour is warmer than you remember it being. If you and your ex can still be friends, that’s great. However, if she acts friendlier than when you were together, chances are she still likes you. If you notice she uses a noticeably gentler voice when talking to you.

2. She makes it a point to show how sad and lonely she’s feeling. Essentially, if she hints at how miserable she is now that you’re not a couple anymore, it’s crystal clear that she hasn’t moved on. That means she’s still missing you.

3. Her social calendar is practically empty. It’s normal for people to stay out of the dating game for a while after a break-up, so if your ex falls into this group, then she could still be okay. However, what if she’s usually on the rebound soon after a breakup, but she hasn’t gone on a date for, say, 3 months?

Suffice it to say she misses you, and that’s stopping her from looking for potential partners.

4. She holds on to memories. It’s fine to remember the good times, of course. But if she holds such memories as your first date close to her, and she tries to remind you of them, she’s likely still in love with you. Chances are, she wants you to feel the same way.

It’s now up to you. Do you still have feelings for her and think you could use a second chance? There’s nothing wrong with getting back together. If not, you can always engage one of the gorgeous courtesans at Canberra Escorts to keep you from getting lonely.

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