Canberra Escorts – Signs She's Faking That Orgasm
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Canberra Escorts – Signs She’s Faking That Orgasm

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That your partner fakes her orgasms is the last thing any bloke would want to learn, but sometimes there’s no helping it. It’s not that she isn’t enjoying it, say a few lovely vixens at Canberra Escorts. The good thing is, it isn’t your fault; she could be faking it because she feels insecure about not cumming each time, or she wants the intercourse to come to a close already.

But how do you know she’s not really experiencing an orgasm? Here are the signs to look out for, according to these sexperts, and how to make sure she doesn’t fake it again!

  • It comes from out of the blue. If your partner goes from barely sweating or hardly aroused, to suddenly seriously turned-on and having what sounds like a toe-curling orgasm, it’s fake. While there’s such a thing as a spontaneous orgasm, it’s rare. Instead, she’s faking because you told her you’re close to cumming.

Try letting her know you want to find out what gets her more aroused and what makes it pleasurable for her, instead of just trying to make or orgasm. That way, she doesn’t focus on the Big O as a goal.

  • She comes around the same time you do. If you spent a lot of time on foreplay to get her really warmed up and wanting, then it’s plausible she is experiencing the Big O. But if not, then it’s fake. The truth is, women take more time to reach the finish line than guys do; the reason for her faking is that she could be worried about taking too long.

Help her feel more comfortable about drawing it out by going at her speed, and let her direct you, so to speak.

  • There’s no clenching. In a true orgasm, the muscles in her love tunnel will clench around you just before she finishes; you may have felt it once or twice before. So if she’s finishing – or gasps out that she is – and you can’t really detect it, then it isn’t true.

Not sure she’s clenching or not? If she’s getting tighter, then she’s clenching, and you can rest easy about her having an actual orgasm.

With the lovely babes at Canberra Escorts, though, you don’t have to worry about her faking the Big O. So browse the gallery today, and get ready to experience mind-blowing sex!

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