Canberra Escorts – Signs of a Clingy Girlfriend to Look Out For
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Canberra Escorts – Signs of a Clingy Girlfriend to Look Out For

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Any bloke would find it cute if their girlfriend seems to not want to be parted from them. After all, who wouldn’t want a lady who could give possibly give the lovely babes at Canberra Escorts a run for their money, and who wanted to be around them as much as they could? However, there’s a big difference between a loving girlfriend and a clingy one.

Let’s face it – a clingy girlfriend wouldn’t be much fun, and would be tiring to deal with all the time. Here are a few telltale signs of a clingy girlfriend.

1. She waits for you to keep her entertained. You both have your own jobs, but you notice that you still take the time to go out with your friends, while she stays home. Then she complains about you never being able to take her out, and how she’s bored.

Loving girlfriends know very well that you both have your own lives outside your relationship. On the other hand, clingy girlfriends want you to be the one keeping them entertained.

2. She can’t seem to do anything for herself. It’s something of an ego boost to always be needed and called on for help. But if she does it too often, you’ll start wishing she was a little more independent. Clingy girlfriends are constantly looking for attention and love, and many of them feel that asking for help is one certain way to get it.
3. She doesn’t seem to get the concept of space. A girlfriend who isn’t in the ‘clingy’ zone will want to spend the whole evening with you after, say, a bad day at work, and she’ll be back to her old self the next day.

Clingy girlfriends, on the other hand, never seem to let you do your own thing, even if you’ve spent practically the whole week together.

Despite how suffocating it can be to deal with them, clingy girlfriends aren’t all that bad. Often, the clingy girlfriend is just someone who’d make the perfect partner but didn’t get enough love before. So before you think of pushing her away, explain that you love her but you also need your space.

If you’re not yet ready to get into the dating game, or just need some company without any strings attached, browse the gallery at Canberra Escorts. You’re guaranteed to find the best courtesan for you.

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