Canberra Escorts - Sex With An Ex: Is It Possible?
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Canberra Escorts – Sex With An Ex: Is It Possible?

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Okay so, you’ve broken up with her; you might be over your ex, but maybe not the sex! Did it ever cross your mind that you might be screwing her again even if both of you have separated ways? Think of it this way – having sex with an ex could be possible but, not in the soonest time, for sure. If you want to hook up but still haven’t found the suitable someone yet, why not try hooking-up with the eye-catching Canberra Escorts for the meantime?

Since you’re loveless ATM, and still you want to keep the libido, there’s no one else perfect to satisfy that feeling (and lust) with, but your ex! Of course, whoever knows each other’s bodies so well, even your habits in the sack? It’s just that things went bad and there wasn’t any way you can keep the relationship, that’s why you had decided to go separate ways.

Nonetheless, sex and relationship experts say there’s still the chance to get laid again with your ex. Just follow this piece of advise: make it clear to her it’s purely intercourse you’re interested in and not getting back together. You simply want some fun together which you know the two of you enjoy. Therefore, let no emotions be involved plus, avoid the romantic dating. Here’s how to do things:

● Be precise with your true motive.
You’re only after of some bedroom romp, nothing else! If you knew her very well, then you can figure out if she’s the type who’s okay with such an arrangement. There are babes out there who are agreeable to a purely sexual relation. Just be aware if the babe isn’t the possessive type.

● Allow sufficient time to cool off and stay apart for some time.
It would mean weeks, months, even a year. Obviously, it would mean a longer time if the break-up ending was sort of violent like, much screaming, suitcase thrown by the window, even broken furniture! In this case, ‘striking while the iron is hot’ isn’t applicable. Hence, you have to be patient to let things cool down.

● Don’t mention the past.
Talk about the present, how hot the lovemaking is and how thankful you are that she’s there to relish the kink with you.

● Don’t spend the night in her place.
Remember, you’re now acting as just friends-with-benefits, nothing more, nothing less. After the ‘storm has calmed’ get the hell out of there the sooner you can.

Now, why on earth would you ever want to shag your ex again? For a change, there are the seductive Canberra Escorts who are just within your reach.

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