Canberra Escorts – Sex Positions That You Didn't Think Were Risky But In Truth Are
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Canberra Escorts – Sex Positions That You Didn’t Think Were Risky But In Truth Are

Canberra Escorts

Canberra Escorts

Sex gives us pleasure and satisfaction, and that’s a fact. However, sex can be hazardous, and life-threatening too! According to health experts, sex-related injuries are quite common today, and many couples have already ended in the emergency room after doing something risky in the bedroom. And, if you think that these two very popular sex positions are so safe to do, well think again, for they can crack your dick, or cause other types of injuries!

Doggy Style

The night is going great, according to plan, and you and your girlfriend, or hot and sexy Canberra Escorts are enjoying things. You do a lot of thrusting, twisting and sliding, and your lady has achieved that big orgasm. Until you suddenly hear your dick (or your back) crack!

While the Doggy Style involves that the ladies get down on their hands and knees, women should watch out because it can be hazardous to their health (As well as yours)! Why? Because if you enter her at the wrong angle, or penetrate too hard, then small fissures could tear up her vagina walls.

To prevent vaginal tearing, make sure you enter her slowly, and see which angle works for you. And to make things easier, try using a lot of lube to get there easily!


If you think the missionary was 100% safe and relaxing, think again (Although I agree that it’s the most comfortable sex position!). Well, for starters, this can fracture a guy’s penis, depending on how he thrusts or positions himself.

Some ladies have also suffered abrasions in their cervix because of the deep thrusts that some guys do. Some folks have even reported falling prey to urinary tract infections, especially if the guy’s penis rubs vigorously against the girl’s urethra.

But then, again these types of issues are but rare occurrences when doing the Doggy Style or missionary. So, if you and your hookup mates, or hot and sexy Canberra Escorts, love doing it, then by all means please continue to do so!

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