Canberra Escorts – Sex Positions That Are Made Even Better by Adding Pillows
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Canberra Escorts – Sex Positions That Are Made Even Better by Adding Pillows

Canberra Escorts

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While most of us often think that adding a stack of pillows or a sex wedge would not make that much of a difference in bed, the truth is that it can make a huge difference in how you enjoy sex! According to sex experts, a little tweak to an angle or a bit of butt-propping is everything. Thus, grab hard or soft pillows, and go to town! Here’s a look at a couple of sex positions that are made even better by adding pillows.

The Deep Dog
Carefully put a wedge, or a heap, of pillows at the edge of the bed, but instead of your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Canberra Escorts, lying over their hips, they should instead prop themselves on their knees!

And if your lady is up for it, she could even stretch down to steady herself on the bed with your hands, while you enter her standing, for a sensation that would be akin to the doggy style, but so much more!

The Rampage
The Rampage is kind of like making a grown-up pillow fort, but this should be so worth the extra time and effort. This set-up would be extra good for men who are not huge down below, because they won’t slip out, plus they’ll also have a free hand to stimulate their ladies with their hand or sex toy!

Valley of Fire
In this move, make a pillow valley with big, stiff pillows under your back, then more under your bent knees and thighs. Next, you sit in the little sex valley between, and your lady gets on her hands and knees, and straddles your stiff, big thing, but is facing away from you. This should remove the usual weird angle issues of the reverse cowgirl, and also add more precise internal stimulation!

The Deep Plunge
See what a huge difference geometry can make by propping some pillows under your lady’s butt during regular missionary. However, don’t just put a few pillows, but a lot of them, so your lady’s hips are even with your penis.

Next, your girlfriend, or hot and sexy Canberra Escorts, slides her ankles up by your neck, so you can give her the kind of penetration that will make her eyes roll back in her head!

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