Canberra Escorts - Scary and Sleazy Ideas On How To Have A Halloween-Themed Sex Romp At Home
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Canberra Escorts – Scary and Sleazy Ideas On How To Have A Halloween-Themed Sex Romp At Home

Canberra Escorts

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Who says you can’t do some “trick and treat” in your bedroom during Halloween? Well, perhaps it’s time you shed your insecurities and inhibitions, and bust out a new set of tricks and treats from your head, and apply them in bed during this very special occasion! According to sex experts, role-playing is a novelty which helps amp up the dopamine levels in the brain. Here are a couple of scary and sleazy ideas on how to have a Halloween-themed sex romp at home.

Discover Each Other’s Fantasies

So who are you going to be hanging out with this Halloween? Would you be at home or somewhere else with your girlfriend, or would you rather be with the sexy and sultry Canberra Escorts

For starters, all good role-playing activities start with a conversation. However, the planned Halloween sex romp could be opened up days or weeks in advance, and discussed over email, or in the movies, or anyplace where both partners won’t feel pressured to act on it at that moment!

Set The Boundaries

The next step would be to be clear about what you will do, and won’t do with your partner. For example, if you, or your lady, isn’t going to be comfortable with spanking or choking, then just say so. Most sex experts advise that couples make a list of roles that they’d be willing to try. For most men however, picking up any role would be not much of a problem!

Prepare A Script, And Dress Up

After discussing the boundaries, and discovering each other’s Halloween (and other sexual) fantasies, it’s now time to prepare a role-playing script, and prepare your costumes too. Since acting doesn’t come naturally for many of us, it would help if you and your partner write a few sultry or sleazy lines, and practice saying them out loud, but don’t get too hung up with the script!

And since men are essentially visual creatures, perhaps your girlfriend, or even your favourite Canberra Escorts will know how to get real creative with her costumes, and the different erotic personas that go with them!

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