Canberra Escorts – Relationship Problems & Issues That Can be Fixed by Sex
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Canberra Escorts – Relationship Problems & Issues That Can be Fixed by Sex

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Relationships – Who ever said they were easy? Yes, relationships, especially the long-term ones, are often filled with potholes and rough patches between couples, that often times feels so impossible to solve.  While you and your partner could opt to seek out a relationship therapist to give you both a hand, what’s good is that there are some relationship issues that can be fixed by sex. Here’s a look at a few of them.

You’ve Had a Dry Spell

According to Ms. Wendy Strgr, author of the book Sex That Works, and CEO of The Good Love, if one or both partners are in a dry spell, she calls this the “initiation dilemma”, and it’s more common that you might think. But then again, if you’re single, and nowhere near a dry spell, who’s stopping you from having more fun in bed with ladies like the hot and sexy Canberra Escorts?

She further adds that this issue often becomes the most toxic kind of scorekeeping which undermines all the other connection in your relationship. But, one great way to solve this would be to have more sex, otherwise you’ll end up risking losing your sex drive altogether, or get so bitter and resentful!

You’re Not Talking to Each Other

If you and your partner are in a word war of sorts, like literally you’re not talking to each other, sex may help soften things up. Ms. Strgr says that physical intimacy is a wonderful way to lift the layers of issues that may stand between a couple and cut right to the heart of the issue.

In fact, intimate conversations shared after good sex are so much honest and articulate than if couples simply keep quiet, or fight over their own version of whatever story is going on. Thus, make time after doing the deed to just chill and enjoy each other!

But then again, if you’re single, or not having any relationship issues with other people, then congratulate yourself, as well a treat yourself to a hot and sizzling date with the lovely Canberra Escorts!

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