Canberra Escorts – Reasons Your Girlfriend Isn't Up for Sex
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Canberra Escorts – Reasons Your Girlfriend Isn’t Up for Sex

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Let’s say you’ve been in a relationship with a gorgeous babe for some time – 6 months, say, or a year or more – and you’re still quite close. But you’ve noticed that she doesn’t seem to be in the mood for sex lately, no matter what you do. Before you engage one of the sexy courtesans at Canberra Escorts to help fulfil your carnal desires, though, it’s worth finding the reason behind your girl’s lack of interest.

Here are a few reasons behind your girl just not feeling up for sex.

1. She’s just tired. This is highly likely if she’s been busy with work, whether she’s been going to a lot of meetings, dealing with more clients than she’s used to, or just putting in extra hours. If you’ve moved in together, she could also be exhausted from looking after the household.

In this case, you just have to be subtle when asking for sex by suggesting you both take a weekend off. Relax at home with films you both enjoy, for example, or go get a couples’ massage. With the right atmosphere, she’ll soon relax and you’ll be on your way to some steamy sex.

2. She misses passionate sex. When you first started going steady, sex likely ran the whole gamut from caresses, to heavy petting, to oral sex. The longer you stayed together and the busier you became with real life outside the relationship, the more likely it is that foreplay became a routine, or disappeared altogether.

If you think this is the reason, then you just have to make an effort to make sex feel like those first times – when you do it. Then, slowly but surely, her desire to get in bed with you will come back.

3. She’s having the sex of her life with someone else. Sadly, this can happen even with steady couples. If you suspect this is the cause for her lack of interest, ask her about it as soon as possible. Try your best to not be confrontational, to avoid making things worse.

However, don’t try and get revenge by sleeping around yourself. Find out why she started getting it from somewhere else, and work together to fix it.

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