Canberra Escorts - People in Open Relationships are Much Happier, New Study Reveals
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Canberra Escorts – People in Open Relationships are Much Happier, New Study Reveals

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Who says that monogamy is the way to go, in terms of healthy relationships? Well, in a new study conducted by a pair of well-regarded psychologists in Canada, it was noted that non-monogamous partners are generally happier than everyone else! And while polyamorous and consensually non-monogamous relationships are difficult and complex, they certainly have their rewards! Read on to find out why those in polyamorous relationships are much happier.

People in Polyamorous Relationships are Better Communicators
Before you start to seriously talk about delving into a polyamorous relationship with your hookup buddy, or with the hot and sexy Canberra Escorts, let me first define what polyamory is all about!

Well, polyamory is defined as “the practice of, or desire for, intimate relationships with more than one partner, with the knowledge of all partners”. Polyamory has also been described as consensual”, “ethical” and “responsible non-monogamy”!

And according to the Canadian study, people in polyamorous relationships are deemed better communicators, and better at identifying as well as expressing their feelings. They are also considered to be excellent conflict managers, as well as much better at dealing with the challenges of relating to others in all sorts of contexts, including sexual, friendship and long-term relationships!

Consensual Non-Monogamists Drink Less, and Are Less likely to Use Drugs
And when it comes to social habits and lifestyles, the ones who engage in polyamorous relationships drink less, are less likely to use drugs, and are more likely to report higher happiness levels!

And when looking at relationship satisfaction, the Canadian researchers looked into 4 major components – General relationship satisfaction, jealousy, sexual satisfaction, longevity and divorce.

More recent field research has indicated that consensual non-monogamists fare better in all the 4 categories, as compared to hard-core proponents of monogamy, and they are more sexually satisfied too! Well, based on the findings, I guess you should talk more often with your bedroom partners, as well as with the lovely and sexy Canberra Escorts, about the perks and privileges of polyamory!

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