Canberra Escorts – No One Else Can Satiate You Better
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Canberra Escorts – No One Else Can Satiate You Better

Canberra Escorts

Canberra Escorts

Most major Australian cities are coastal except for Canberra – the nation’s capital, located inland from the south-east coast. And yet, it is touted to have the best nightlife in all of Australia. Vibrant and diverse, the nocturnal panorama is fired up by clubs or pubs so, regardless of what kind of night you’re looking to experience, you will never be left wanting.

Some nights, you just can’t resist the temptation to stomp those feet, and nothing can satisfy them but the dance floor. Yet, if it’s the sexual itch you can’t fight any longer, then there’s no one else who can satiate you better than the sizzling Canberra Escorts!

“My steamy date stands naked by the bathroom door, her luscious tits standing proudly in place, her long, slender legs glistening in the dim light. The sight of her plump shaved slit makes me feel like penetrating it at once!

She comes nearer to strip my clothes off and finds my prick sticking out like a barber’s pole. She then falls to her knees, kneads my balls with her fingers, then raises my member towards her mouth to absorb it between her full lips.

I just close my eyes and breathe heavily in pure pleasure as she continues to plunge my dick in and out of her mouth, fondles it, sucks it – ohhh, what heaven! My legs are now getting weaker as I feel my milk boiling up and ready to leak; I start to groan.

And now I lower her onto the carpeted floor, eager to swipe my tongue across her inviting tits. I squeeze and suck them one after another while my fingers are embedded deep in her groin. I see she’s streaming excessively, wriggling in euphoria.

My pulsating tool is now anxious to enter her deep, dark cave while she rubs my balls up and down a few times, continuously teasing my scrotum. Ohh, I can’t hold it any more – with one mighty thrust, I drive it deep into her. I feel her fingers entwine in my hair, her nails digging into my flesh. She keeps screaming, “fuck, fuck, fuck!”

If you’re not getting horny with that, then I’m not sure what can. For total satisfaction in bed, ring any of the sultry vixens at Canberra Escorts. Visit the gallery today.

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