Canberra Escorts - Nicotine & Booze: 2 Things That Can Impact Erections
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Canberra Escorts – Nicotine & Booze: 2 Things That Can Impact Erections

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Do you drink and smoke at the same time? Careful with your health. Experts say that nicotine and booze are two things that impair men’s sexual health. For sure, you don’t want your erections affected, do you? So, before it’s too late, better stop these vices. Certainly, the splendid ladies like the Canberra Escorts don’t like heavy smokers and heavy drinkers for their clients!

How Can Smoking Affect Men’s Erections?

Bet, you didn’t know that in 2014, smoking has been added by the United States Surgeon General to the list of conditions that can trigger erectile dysfunction. Erections are affected by heavy smoking as well as second-hand smoke. Here’s how.

Simple, if you want to get hard, you need a good quality of blood circulation to your nether regions. But with heavy smoking, the arteries become hard, a condition known as atherosclerosis. The smooth muscle tissue is also affected since it can no longer relax to let the blood flow in. If any or both of these instances occur, it will result to poor or less blood flow to the penis.

With that, your hopes to get hard dims. Thus, when there’s no erection, no sex can happen. However, should your pole manage to rise up to the occasion, it will just go limp quickly, meaning your hard-on softens. Another bad thing smoking can do is to reduce the quantities of the compound nitric oxide which has a vital role in erections.

Medical specialists say that men who quit smoking the sooner will lessen their odds of contracting diabetes or heart disease. Consult your healthcare provider now for treatment for the sake of your erections and your sexual health in general.

What About Alcohol? Does It Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

If you’ve been drinking for years, your erections might be impacted permanently because your hormonal balance is disturbed, according to experts. As a matter of fact, chronic alcoholism and persistent use of alcohol resulted in male sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, decreased libido as well as premature ejaculation, based on a study done more than a decade ago. Further, the long-term use of alcohol had a negative impact on male hormones, and this was corroborated by another study stating that fertility and semen quality are likewise affected.

The more alcohol in your body, the lower the level of testosterone produced.

If you don’t want to suffer from a possible slew of side effects, might as well limit your drinking to two per day, otherwise, you lose your appetite in sex.

How Alcohol Affects Sexual Performance

Alcohol is a depressant and at the same time, an aphrodisiac but, only when taken in moderate amounts. A good erection also needs a good blood flow to the penis. Once filled up, the vessels close to prevent blood from flowing back. With too much alcohol in the blood, the vessels expand but then, fail to close, therefore backflow occurs. When there’s less blood in the penis, how can it stand erect?

Binge-drinking for a long time hurts the blood vessels and therefore, hypertension and heart problems arise. These two are the leading contributors to erectile dysfunction.

So, now that you understand how your sexual health is affected by smoking and drinking, will you be able to quit? Maybe, the Canberra Escorts can help convince you to see your doctor for the sake of your erections!

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