Canberra Escorts - New Survey Reveals the Most Searched-for Sex Positions in the US
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Canberra Escorts – New Survey Reveals the Most Searched-for Sex Positions in the US

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What’s the most searched sex position in, let’s say, the United States? If you think that a person’s favourite sex position is just a personal preference, the truth is that your choice of sex position could make you part of a growing trend! According to a new study conducted by AskMen, a free online men’s web portal with international versions in Australia, Canada, the Middle East, UK and the US, data was collected from 50 US states plus Washington, DC, to determine the most searched sex position in that country. Read more to find out the results of the survey.

Doggy Style is the Most Searched Sex Position in the US
Popular online men’s portal AskMen has revealed that after conducting a survey in 50 US states, the most searched-for sex position is the doggy style (where it’s the number one favourite in 18 states). At second place is “69ing”, while third is the woman-on-top position. Perhaps you should ask the lovely and alluring Canberra Escorts to give their hints on what’s the most sought-after sex position Down Under?

A few US states bucked the general enthusiasm for the woman-on-top and doggy style, and went for more specific, and more unique interests. For example, New Jersey and Massachusetts prefer searching for stuff like “face-sitting, while Missouri seemed to be most excited about the “criss-cross” sex position!

Which US States are Googling the Most About Sex Positions?
Now which US state is doing the most “Googling” about sex positions? Well, according to AskMen, with searchers at twice the national average, the state of Wyoming is most fascinated by the subject, although Washington, D.C come out on top, as its residents Google sex positions at nearly four times the state average!

However, Google cannot tell us how often people are actually enjoying the sex-related activities or positions that they are looking up! Perhaps you could try doing a Google search for the top sex-position searches in Australia, with your favourite Canberra Escorts tonight, or this weekend!

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